Thick Black Heels

Abigail Lee
10 min readMar 30, 2024



Get ready to walk in confidence with our roundup of the best thick black heels! From sleek pumps to stylish boots, we’ve gathered the most eye-catching and comfortable options to elevate your wardrobe. Dive in to discover the perfect pair for your next outfit.

The Top 5 Best Thick Black Heels

  1. Black PU Platform Strappy High Heels — Size 6 — Strappy, sky-high, and stylish — these PU platform heels with a black finish are a must-have for your weekend wardrobe.
  2. Stylish Black Pointed Toe Pump Shoes — Classic chunky heel pump with a sleek pointed toe, ideal for adding fashionable flair and comfort to your outfits from 9-to-5 to after-hours fun.
  3. Satin Black Chunky Block Heels with Adjustable Ankle Strap — Experience comfort and style with NA-KD Satin Block Heels in Black, featuring a satin touch, open square toe, platform, chunky heels, and adjustable ankle-strap fastening for a perfect fit.
  4. Fashionable Black Suede Cross-Strap Heels with Adjustable Buckle Closure — Strut confidently in the alluring alligator print heeled dress sandals, featuring a chic open-toe design, criss-cross straps, and comfortable latex-padded sole perfect for any occasion.
  5. Madden Girl Faux Leather Ankle Strap Block Heels in Black — These Madden Girl Unaa faux leather ankle strap block heels provide a chic and fashionable lift, perfect for a dressy occasion.

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Black PU Platform Strappy High Heels — Size 6


Strut your stuff in these sleek, black platform heels. Designed with a combination of synthetic and rubber material, they create a high, sturdy strappy look that’s hard to pass up.

When you slip your feet into them, you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds. But, there’s a catch — the smell that lingers on the shoes can be quite overpowering.

While the style might be worth the scent, it’s a small price to pay for these stylish, attention-getting heels.

Stylish Black Pointed Toe Pump Shoes


I’ve been on the hunt for a versatile pair of pumps that’s both comfortable and stylish, and the Nine West Women’s Cara Block Heel Pointed Toe Pumps in black hit the mark! With its sleek pointed toe, I can easily dress up or dress down my outfits for various occasions. The chunky 3.25" heel provides great support, and the rubber sole ensures I’m ready to powerwalk from the office to after-hours events. Machine washable? Yes, please!

A bit of a warning though, this shoe might be a tad big, and I recommend ordering half a size smaller than usual. Aside from that, I’ve had zero complaints — after a day of wearing them, I was still on my feet, feeling absolutely no discomfort. The Cara Block Heel Pointed Toe Pumps from Nine West are the perfect addition to any professional wardrobe, and it sure doesn’t hurt that they look gorgeous, too. Happy walking!

Satin Black Chunky Block Heels with Adjustable Ankle Strap


I recently stumbled upon these NA-KD block heels in black and decided to give them a try. The satin finish stood out to me, giving a luxurious touch to these high heels. The open square toe adds a modern twist, while the platform and chunky heels provide extra comfort and stability. I particularly enjoyed the adjustable ankle-strap fastening, which made fitting a breeze.

While the 100% resin sole offers a comfortable walk, the 100% polyester upper might not be the most breathable material. However, the stylish design and the perfect fit made up for it. Overall, I found these block heels to be a great addition to my wardrobe, providing both comfort and style.

Fashionable Black Suede Cross-Strap Heels with Adjustable Buckle Closure


I recently added some flair to my wardrobe with these Dream Pairs Women’s Black Suede Chunky Heels. These shoes quickly became my go-to choice for both day and night events, thanks to their stylish, alligator print design. The criss-cross straps provide a secure fit, with an adjustable buckle closure that lets me customize the tightness to my preference.

One of the features that stood out to me is the latex padded insole, which adds a level of comfort rarely seen in heels this chunky. It’s a small detail that makes a significant difference in keeping my feet happy after a long day.

A nice touch is the synthetic sole, which pairs well with the rest of the shoe’s build. It provides just the right amount of stability and support, even on uneven surfaces. Plus, the bouncing TPR outsole ensures that every step is confident and secure.

One area for improvement would be the shoe’s size chart. I found that the size I ordered was true to size, but others may need to size up or down depending on their personal preferences and foot shape. Overall, though, these heels have become a staple in my wardrobe, making them well worth the investment.

Madden Girl Faux Leather Ankle Strap Block Heels in Black


Experience the classic charm of these Madden Girl Unaa dress sandals. The shoes boast a comfortable block heel that’s perfect for adding style and height to your outfit. With a round toe design and two-piece profile, the Madden Girl Unaa sandals make a delightful addition to any wardrobe.

One of the aspects I truly enjoy about these shoes is the strap closure, which keeps your ankles enveloped securely while also adding an understated elegance. The shoes come in a variety of sizes, including the one I’ve tried, which provided a snug fit that never felt too tight or loose.

Despite the overall satisfaction, I did find a minor issue with the shoes. Upon close inspection, I discovered that the soles were not entirely uniform, which caused a slight unevenness in the way I walked. While not a major drawback, it was noticeable.

Overall, these Madden Girl dress sandals are a reliable choice when it comes to striking a balance of style and comfort. Although I experienced a minor setback due to inconsistent soles, the pros of the shoes far outweighed the inconvenience. With their high-quality material, attractive design, and versatility, it’s no wonder they have garnered such a strong following among women.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to adding a touch of elegance and style to your wardrobe, thick black heels are the way to go. Not only do they exude confidence and class, but they also complement various outfits and occasions. However, with a plethora of options available in the market, choosing the right pair can be daunting. In this buyer’s guide, we will delve into some important factors to consider when purchasing thick black heels for your shoes collection.


Construction & Material

The construction and materials of the heels play a crucial role in determining their durability, comfort, and suitability for different occasions. Some factors to consider include the type of sole, the heel height, and the material used for the shoes’ main structure. Thick black heels made from genuine leather, suede, or patent leather can offer a sleek and sophisticated look. For a touch of convenience and versatility, opt for heels with adjustable or push-pull fastening systems such as buckles or straps.

Comfort & Fit

An ideal pair of thick black heels should not only look great but also provide comfort during extended wear. Consider the width and shape of the toes when selecting the right size. Many shoes brands incorporate foot cushioning, shock-absorbing soles, and arch support to ensure maximum comfort. It is advisable to try on the heels in-store or at a fitting room before making a purchase to avoid any discomfort or poor fit.


Occasion & Style

Thick black heels can add panache to various outfits and occasions. They can serve as a chic option for office wear, parties, or cocktail events. When selecting a pair, consider the dress code and the overall style of the occasion to ensure that your heels complement the event’s ambiance. Additionally, heels with a pointed toe or a stiletto heel can be paired with fitted or bodycon dresses, while those with a round or block heel can be a great fit for casuals and workwear.

Maintenance & Cleaning

To keep your thick black heels looking pristine and new, it is essential to maintain and clean them properly. Invest in a quality shoe protector spray to shield the shoes from dirt and moisture. Regularly clean your heels using a soft brush or cloth, and avoid exposing them to extreme heat or direct sunlight, as it can cause the materials to warp or lose their shape.



Why should I choose thick black heels?

Thick black heels are a popular choice for several reasons. They provide extra support, comfort, and stability, making them ideal for long periods of wear. Their thick sole also enhances the overall durability of the shoe, ensuring they last longer. Additionally, thick black heels are versatile and can be styled with various outfits, from casual to formal, making them a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe.

Furthermore, thick black heels exude confidence, elegance, and style. They make a bold fashion statement, giving you an edge when it comes to dressing up for special occasions, interviews, or casual-chic events. They’re a staple in every fashion-conscious woman’s shoe collection, and investing in a good pair can be a long-term decision that won’t disappoint.


What materials are thick black heels made from?

Thick black heels can be made from various materials such as leather, synthetic materials, and even rubber. Leather is a popular choice due to its durability, flexibility, and natural feel. It’s also easy to clean and maintain, making it a great choice for fashion-conscious women. However, synthetic materials and rubber are also used, providing an affordable and sustainable option for those on a budget or interested in eco-friendly products.

Each material has its unique benefits and trade-offs. Leather is stylish and durable, but it’s relatively more expensive. Synthetic materials and rubber, on the other hand, are affordable and easy to clean, but they may not last as long as leather or provide that premium look and feel. Therefore, the choice of material depends on personal preferences, budget, and lifestyle requirements.

Are thick black heels expensive?

The cost of thick black heels varies based on materials, brand, and quality. While some affordable options are available, a good-quality pair made of leather or other durable materials can be quite pricey. However, the investment is worth it if you plan to wear the heels frequently and prefer the stability and comfort they provide.

It’s essential to consider that investing in a high-quality pair of thick black heels means they’ll last longer, providing long-term value. On the other hand, cheaper options may not be as durable or comfortable, forcing you to replace them more often. We recommend considering your budget and needs, then investing in a quality pair that offers long-term benefits.


How do I take care of thick black heels?

Proper care is crucial for maintaining the quality and longevity of thick black heels. Here are some tips for maintaining your shoes: Clean them regularly using a soft brush or cloth; avoid exposure to water and moisture; store them in a dry place when not in use; and use shoe protectors to shield them from scratches and marks.

Additionally, you can apply a protectant spray to create a barrier that repels water, stains, and dirt. This not only ensures the shoes last longer but also maintains their appearance. Lastly, rotate your heels to prevent excessive wear in one area and ensure even distribution of wear. This will greatly extend the life of your thick black heels.

How do I break in thick black heels?

Breaking in thick black heels is essential to ensure comfort and prevent blisters. Begin by wearing the heels around the house for short periods, gradually increasing the time. This allows your feet to adjust to the unusual strain caused by the thick heel. Alternatively, you can slip on a pair of foot cushions or put cotton balls inside the heels before wearing them.

If the discomfort persists, consider adding gel or foam cushioning pads to the insole for extra comfort and support. Breaking in the heels is an essential part of owning any new shoes, so be patient and consistent with this process. With time, you’ll adjust to the extra thickness and enjoy wearing your new thick black heels.

Are thick black heels suitable for all occasions?

While thick black heels are versatile and can be worn with various outfits, they might not be the ideal choice for all occasions. For casual events, they may be too formal or dressy. On the other hand, for formal occasions, the thickness of the heels can provide stability and complement your outfit.

However, it’s essential to consider the event context and your personal fashion sense when pairing thick black heels with an outfit. If unsure, you can always opt for a pair of lower heels or flats as an alternative. Remember, the key to fashion is to experiment and find the perfect blend of comfort and style that suits your unique personality.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.